New Spanish Government Regulation (RDL 10/2020 dated March, 29th 2020) for COVID-19

The Spanish Government has just issued on 03/29/2020 (RDL 10/2020) the total prohibition for working among the companies that do not produce essential goods according to the Real Decreto 463/2020, dated on March14. This new regulation implies that ESTAMODE willremain totally closed from 03/30/2020 to 04/12/2020, both dates included.

The ESTAMODE Shut Down implies that both reception of goods and shipments are cancelled according to the dates mentioned above.

ESTAMODE will inform about the Official Re-opening Date taking into account the future coming events as well as the Regulation Updates.

The first Priority for ESTAMODE and SAMCA Group will be ALWAYS the PEOPLE.

Thanks for your collaboration.

Name: Juan J. Ortega
Position: Managing Director

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