ESTAMODE is able to cut different Steel Grade Coils with thickness from 0.22 mm up to 1 mm.


ESTAMODE has mechanical presses from 60 tons to 450 tons to manufacture a wide range of shapes and sizes.
All the presses are in the state of art and are well equiped with electronic feeders, straighteners and automatic controls to optimize the manufacturing.
Stamping is the most common and competitive technology for high production volumes and accurate tolerances (±0,01 mm).


This technology is based on a tandem equipment made of a blanking press and a notching press to produce the rotor & stator sheet laminations.
The Notching Technology is very useful for low production volumes and big sizes (up to 1500 mm external diameter). This manufacturing process is really competitive from an energy perspective since projects are demanding reduced volumes of highly customized large laminations.


ESTAMODE uses this technology with the support of specialized suppliers in order to deliver prototypes and very low demands.
The laser cutting technology achieves final tolerances between ±0,05 and ±0,1 mm.

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