Project Management

At ESTAMODE, we work hand-to-hand with the Customer to develop New projects. We believe that the success key is a collaboration customer-supplier on the new products in order to scale up serial production level (standardization from the design level to the serial production level).

The Project management is covering the complete product life cycle:



Due to the impact on the final performance of the electrical machines, ESTAMODE is skilled on the features of the raw material (electrical losses, mechanical properties and others) and coating to be taken into account during the materials selection according to the end-use of the product.



ESTAMODE supports customers to manufacture prototypes as well as first samples for feasibility Analysis. Depending on the volumes and the project complexity, the prototypes will be produced using different technologies such as laser cutting, Notching, Riveting, Welding and others.



Nowadays packaging is essential, which comprise logistic, cost and environmental matters. Therefore packaging design is included as part of the project management.

Manufacturing processes


ESTAMODE is aware of the importance that all the suppliers have inside the global customer´s value chain. All the projects are analyzed and periodically reviewed to get the higher efficiency and efectiveness in order to provide the best solution to our clients.



ESTAMODE has a specific department in order to ensure Start-up and Follow-up according the Project Milestones. Die tools, Auxiliary Machinery and other Toolings are designed by our Engineers to ensure the goals of the Projects.



ESTAMODE exports around 60 % of its production. Internal logistics resources and world-class suppliers are hence key points to reach Customer's Lead Time.

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